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Exciting Charity Book Donation

During our time in lockdown, some have tried to discover new ways of keeping themselves entertained. Whether it is learning a new skill, getting fit, or competing to see how many cookies you can fit inside your mouth at once. One member of the Board24 team refused to sit idle during lockdown and has published her first book.

Pip Gorringe took over as Interim Marketing Manager at Board24 in March 2019 and has always had a passion for writing, so when the opportunity came through for a little more time at home, she decided not to waste it.

Pip originally posted a chapter every day on her Facebook page for her friends and family to enjoy and after receiving a large amount of positive feedback she wondered whether she could turn the pages into a book, and perhaps raise some money for charity at the same time.

After that, Pip stopped posting on Facebook and got to work on completing the book herself, using a freelance editor to help edit the book and several ghost readers to proofread it. Several weeks later, as we come towards the potential end of lockdown, Pip has published the book, called Secrets Inbetween – ‘After surviving a devastating terrorist attack in London, Emily fears that she may be more ghost than girl… ‘

The book is available on Amazon, on Kindle version or paperback. You can read the first chapter for free on amazon or on Pip’s LinkedIn account here.

Pip’s family and friends are made up of Key Workers and originally applied to be an NHS Volunteer Responder but was told she was unable to due to having a vulnerable child at home. She decided instead to put her efforts to good use and donate all profits from the sale of her book to NHS Charities Together. Pip was also featured in the Derby Telegraph for her efforts to raise money for this worthy cause.

For the next month, all profits made from the sale of the book are going to NHS Charities Together which are currently supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. W&R Barnett and Board24 will also match the amount raised for this good cause and donating to NHS Charities Together. So, take a moment to enjoy a good book and help donate towards charity at the same time.

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