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World Record Broken Again

Last month Cases24 celebrated the broken world record for cases produced on a Latitude casemaker in a 24 hour period. We are pleased to announce, that only weeks later, they have broken their own record.

David Williams, Managing Director of GTS Europe Ltd has confirmed that Cases24 had surpassed its previous record set on a Latitude PP1025 casemaker on the 30th of June. Cases24 ran 202,722 feeds over 37 jobs, which includes 91,312 feeds on one shift. Compared to their last record-breaking shift which produced 197,000 feeds on the 5th June.

Alex Morris, Managing Director for Cases24 was pleased to achieve the second record so soon after the first, “Full credit to the casemaker operators, as soon as they set the first LMC world record, they wanted to beat it as soon as they could. Considering the blank sizes of the board, quantity of sets and relative complexity of the boxes produced, I am sure with a more favourable list of jobs to run, the 202,722 feeds record can be beaten soon.”

David Williams told The Packaging Portal “Huge congratulations to Alex Morris and his team at Cases24. They are truly an example of what can be achieved on this excellent quality machines.”

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