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Celebrating 25 Years of FSC UK

The Forest Stewardship Council are not only celebrating FSC Friday, the celebrations are continuing as they mark the 25th anniversary of FSC UK! There are many highlights they would like to recognise, which are detailed below.

FSC UK was founded in 1995, and in the 25 years since, FSC UK and our supporters have worked tirelessly to promote responsible forest management across the UK. During this time, 1,593,482 hectares of UK forest have been certified, and 2,225 UK chain of custody certificates and 117 UK promotional licences have been issued*. Consumer awareness of FSC has also increased dramatically over the years. In 2007, 19% of consumers surveyed recognised the FSC logo, however, this figure reached 67% in our 2020 survey.

Our 25th year gave us numerous reasons to celebrate, including exciting launches, events, and milestones:

*Figures correct as of 1 September 2020.

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