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Sunflower Competition

Some of the staff at Board24, Coalville have endured six intense weeks as they have battled it out to be named the most ‘green fingered’ in the office.

We started a Sunflower growing competition after we had a few left over from our customer Easter promotional box. Staff were sent out our branded sunflower pots and asked to plant them, feed and water them, and look after them for 6 weeks.

It was a slow and steady start for many after week one as the seeds began to sprout and the first forms of life started to grow. It was neck and neck between most pots as many people were figuring out their action plan and googling whether singing to their pots would improve their growth. At the end of every week, we announced the winner for that week, who would be sent a small prize for their efforts. Conversion Manager, Paul Elliott took home the first prize with an impressive 120mm growth in just the first week.

Our second week saw a lot of growth for some people and none for others as we debated splitting the seedlings up into their own pots for more room. Design & Laboratory Manager, Jemma Hudson took home the prize on the second week with an impressive growth from 39mm to 153mm as people begged her to let them in on the secret of growing a sunflower quickly.

On the third, forth and fifth week, Account Development Manager, Clare Cook took home the gold as the winner as her sunflower surpassed all others and we suspected she would be taking home the final prize. Colleagues asked for Clare to let them in on her secrets that would allow them back in the running for the final week.

When the last week of our competition arrived, staff scrambled to get their pictures up ready for the final measurements. Our winner for the six-week sunflower growing competition was… Paul Elliott. After an impressive lead, Paul stayed hot on Clare’s heels throughout the competition and due to being on holiday was unable to present his picture for week five, leaving us in suspense as to whether he would beat Clare to the punch. At an impressive 910mm growth in just six weeks, Paul showed us that his skills don’t just lie in managing the Cases24 operation, but that he is also very green fingered as well. Paul takes home the main prize as well as the respect and awe of his colleagues.

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