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Health & Wellbeing Steering Committee Launch

Board24 Coalville have just launched and hosted its first Wellbeing Steering Group. The aim of the group is to facilitate and promote stress and wellbeing initiatives,

looking at ways which the business can develop ideas to improve staff mental health and wellbeing. The group will also include social and charity events, that employees may all which to get involved in.

Traditionally Health & Wellbeing has been within the scope of Health & Safety and managed accordingly. The launch of this committee paves the way for a more focused determined approach in line with The Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) objectives. Board24 are fully committed to this via the CPI. There is a huge focus on doing more than just being legal when it comes to staff wellbeing, essentially as healthy staff are happy staff. As part of the 2021 Site Safety Improvement Plan, the company is trying to promote this ethos and involve staff in changing their workplace environment for the better.

Board24 recognises the key to a successful delivery of this strategy is for everyone to work together at all levels, therefore the Steering Group is made up of individuals who work in all areas of the business, to ensure all departments have a representative who attends quarterly review meetings to put forward their ideas and those of their colleagues.

The first meeting outlined the steering groups objectives that are led by PABIAC targets, whereby each of the members can go away and speak with their relevant teams in which they can then put forward any suggestions they would like to see and help implement that assists in meeting these targets and improves staff wellbeing. These ideas will be put to the management team, who will decide which initiatives will be chosen, before an implementation plan is created to deliver these initiatives.

Michelle Gaddess, Coalville’s Health and Safety Advisor who is coordinating the committee comments; “The mental health, safety and wellbeing of employees is always important, but now more than ever is a crucial time to ensure staff have the support they need, and we want to give all our employees the tools to deal with this.”

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