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Innovative Antimicrobial Coatings for Paper

At a time when there’s intense focus on the spread of Covid-19 and ways in which that spread can be reduced, there’s been a lot of attention on different surfaces, including print and paper, and how those surfaces can retain and potentially spread the virus. Research and guidance from the world’s leading health organisations, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) has concluded that there are no known incidents of Covid-19 transmission from print surfaces, whether that’s newspapers, magazines, letters or packaging. Two sides have recently published an article regarding Covid-19 and paper which goes into more detailed information.

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Choose Responsibly Managed Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging has the highest recycling recovery rate and considered to be the least environmentally impacting packaging material. Combined with being cost-effective and lightweight, therefore lowering freight & handling costs with fewer trucks, less fuel, and lower emissions. Corrugated attracts eco-conscious customers who prefer to choose ‘greener’ packaged products that can be recycled. It is the responsible choice.

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