The A to Z of Board24


Just for fun… enjoy!

A is for accountable; our third company value defined as ‘Accountability to each other and ourselves is fundamental’.

B is for board, our first company valued defined as ‘to be brave and evolve beyond expectations.’ And of course, board, the material we manufacture every day!

C is for corrugated, the material that all our operations are based around from raw material production to the manufacture of high-volume corrugated cases

D is for (deckle) the width of the board, our fifth and final company value Driven defined as ‘our people are driven and dedicated to be market leading’ and also Dave, the name of casemaker 4!

E is for the environment. We are proud to use FSC certified products and to also have chain of custody certification (FSC-C105503)

F is for fluting, the wiggle part of our corrugated board. Lots of different flute types are available giving varying degrees of strength to the finished board grade.

G is for glue. The one we use to bond our fluting with our liners is a corn-based starch adhesive.

H is for Health and Wellbeing. As part of our We Make It Safe vision we are constantly supporting our colleagues with a variety of initiatives and information sharing.

I is for investment which is continuous, and most recently took place at our new Eurocentral site in Scotland which opened in May 2024.

J is for Join our Team. As a fast paced, ever changing, and growing business we’re always on the look out for talented professionals to join us.

K is for Kraft. A type of paper that is made from longer fibres, giving a smoother finish for printing which is typically used for the outer liner of the board grades we manufacture.

L is for our onsite lab testing facility which can analyse board, the performance characteristics of paper and box compression testing.

M is for Make it possible. Our mission statement and the strapline of our parent company, Logson Group.

N is for our New MD, Frank Hay, who joined the company in April 2024.

O is for Our future, our second company value defined as ‘Our Future success relies on the strength of our people’

P is for paper, the raw material that we have delivered by the lorry load to manufacture our corrugated board

Q is for quality products. Hugely important to us we’re constantly striving to be better and meet our customers’ expectations.

R is for respect, our fourth company value defined as ‘everyone respects each other and their contributions’

S is for sheet. Whether it’s the process of manufacturing board (known as sheet feeding) the board itself (referred to as sheet) or our customers (known as sheet plants) we just had to give it a mention!

T is for training our colleagues. In 2023, we delivered over 700 hours of leadership training, in addition to the technical, job related and mandatory health and safety training that is essential for our operatives to be able to do their roles.

U is for UK manufacturing. We’re very proud to be part of the corrugated industry and the leading independent sheet feeder in the UK.

V is for viscosity. Getting the ink consistency right when printing on different types of board when manufacturing our high-volume cases is hugely important.

W is for waste. All of the waste from our manufacturing processes for both sheet board and cases is recycled helping to support the circular economy.

X is for Xylography. The art of printing text or illustrations, sometimes with colour, from woodblocks which would have been a printing method used archaically in our industry.

Y – is for why (Y) did our content team try and do the A-Z of Board24?! Think they are allowed a little artistic licence!

Z is for the zealousness our team show helping them to do their best!