Clay Coat Liners

Grade 150C

Good looking packaging…
…without blowing your budget

The 150C is our most cost-effective recycled clay coated liner, guaranteeing consistently good-looking packaging at an affordable price.

This 140gsm, single coated recycled paper offers a smooth and even surface that lends itself to high quality, mottle-free print results. Perfect for drawing attention to your customers products.

Grade 160C​

Better strength and good looks…
…from a recycled paper

160C is made from the highest quality recycled paper, and at 160gsm it offers strength and durability as well as great looks.

Double Coated, this paper’s consistently bright white surface delivers optimum sheen and smoothness for eye catching print results.

Grade 180C​

Premium strength and quality
…to seriously improve the finish of your packaging

180C is our premium quality coated kraftliner. At 160gsm it is strong; and based on 100% virgin fibre.

Also offering the best quality post print capability on the market with high brightness and high smoothness to ensure your product stands out

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