Board24 took part in FSC Friday on 28th September joining in the annual celebration of responsible forestry.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-government organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. On FSC Friday, people are invited to consider the wood and paper products they buy, and look for the FSC logo in support of the packaging industry.

Events relating to FSC Friday take place around the word with schools, businesses, youth  groups and other organisations getting involved.

The team at Board24 supported the day with tree themed baking, a staff awareness quiz and a forest made entirely  of cardboard!

Alex Morris, Sales Manager, Board24 commented:

“The Board24 team were delighted to get involved in the FSC Friday celebration. The FSC accreditation is so relevant within the industry and we are keen to do our best to increase awareness and highlight its significance to ensure responsible forestry.”

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