With a view to improve its sample making service for trade clients still further, Board24 have invested in AG/CAD’s sample making table and supporting KASEMAKE software. Board24’s Managing Director Richard McBride reflects: “Our high volume trade case making service has grown steadily and continues to augment and complement our core sheet feeding business. Whilst our existing arrangements for sample making have worked very well for all concerned during our initial growth phase, the number of samples required has hit a critical mass and the benefits of having our own sample making capability have become clear.”

Dave Dow, Board24’s Engineering Manager was charged with researching, selecting and commissioning the ideal solution. He notes: “I’ve found AG/CAD’s service to be very good…we had a bit of discussion to get through prior to delivery but we managed to overcome the issues smoothly and had a good implementation plan in place. The installation engineers were very good…not surprisingly we had a problem getting it through the door but again we overcame that. Whilst I previously had no experience with CAD tables, my research criteria identifies the table we’ve chosen to be one of the best on the market.”

For the record, we’ve commissioned a KM627A Sample/Production Table with the following functionality:

  • Working area 2500x1600mm.
  • 1 x  Tangentially Controlled Electric Oscillating Knife 12,000 RPM (capable of cutting up to 15mm corrugated).
  • Tangentially Controlled Interchangeable Drag Knife/Crease Tools.
  • Automatic depth adjustment for cutting/creasing.
  • Differential creasing pressure (cross flute and along flute).
  • 3 Creasing tools suitable for corrugated board.
  • 1 x Pen Tool, allows plotting onto die-board, film, etc.
  • Laser Pointer to help register jobs.
  • Vacuum Hold to secure sheet while cutting.
  • Servo motors on X, Y and C axes (max. speed 48m/min).

We’re happy to accept requests for case samples on any quotations we have supplied.

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