Corrugated Packaging – Circular by Nature


Corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable and is made with 89% recycled content which reduces the need for new fibre, protecting natural resources.

Recycling ensures materials like paper and board are kept in operation for longer. Corrugated packaging is the example of the perfect circle, often termed Circular Economy. This is because packaging is collected after use, sorted and sent back to the paper mill for recycling to become paper and board ready to be converted back into new packaging.

Paper consists of long fibres that become shorter and shorter every time it is recycled. The shorter the fibres become, the harder it is to recycle the paper, so this material can usually only be recycled about 5-7 times

The circular economy requires re-use to prevent waste and recycling to keep the value of the materials in the loop. Besides the great recycling features, corrugated packaging offers numerous advantages.

Since its invention almost 150 years ago, it has ensured the safe and hygienic transit of goods, protecting, and wrapping around 70% of the world’s products. It can be produced in any shape or size for optimal handling and transportation. Its interlocking stacking features minimize movement in transit to ensure save arrival of consumers products.

To read more on corrugated packaging, visit The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) website below: Fefco | European Corrugated Packaging Association in Brussels

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