Inclusive Football For All


Shaun Culpin, Corrugator 1 operative, has worked at Board24 for over 26 years.  He has recently taken on the role as Disability Activator for Coalville FC Inclusive Football.

Shaun has been part of the club for numerous years in various roles including playing, coaching and a tactical scout for their ladies’ team. However, Shaun noticed there was a lack of support and opportunities for children with physical disabilities and additional needs. This led to the creation of an inclusive football team.

Shaun has his own personal reasons for taking on this role as his 11-year-old son, Alfie, has ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Therefore, he has first-hand experienced how difficult it is for children to settle into after school clubs along with piers of a same age due to additional training and support those children require.

With Shaun’s football knowledge and personal experience, the inclusive football club has been running for 3 months, with 25 kids from all over the county attending. Coalville FC now offers small group nurturing and 1 to 1 support allowing football for all abilities.

Board24 looks forward to hearing more success stories and the great work its employees are doing in their local communities.

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