Launch of our wellbeing commitment


On the back of our colleague survey at the end of last year we are pleased to announce the launch of our wellbeing commitment.

Created with the wellbeing of colleagues as the central focus, we have taken steps to provide additional support to our team members ranging from mental health to financial advice and support from trusted third-party providers.

Wellbeing is made up of the following components: physical, emotional/psychological, social, spiritual, environmental, digital, and financial.

To support our team achieve the best wellbeing for each individual, we have created a number of initiatives which include:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment and support to ensure colleagues take their responsibility within it
  • Ensuring colleagues have a clear job role and performance standards and support them to achieve those standards
  • Providing support for overall wellbeing and positive mental health
  • Providing access to occupational health advice and support as required to facilitate a return to work
  • Consulting and involving team members on wellbeing activities including charity sponsored events
  • Hosting an annual programme of wellbeing communication and activities

Judith Chadwick, Head of HR, Board24 commented; “We are proud to be a business that places the wellbeing of its employees at the heart of everything we do, and our wellbeing commitment underpins our wider core values and mission and vision statements.

“Together, they ensure we take care of our people in a variety of ways, support their needs mentally, physically and emotionally, and have a support network in place that they can access with ease.”

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