Board 24 Nationwide Supply

Nationwide Supply from Board24


Board24 is based at three national locations, at which we manufacture sheetboard and cases for businesses all across the UK. 

Having three key nationally located manufacturing sites enables us to offer our customers the widest range of high-quality paper grades supported by our excellent services levels.

With a dedicated customer services team at each site, we make it easy for our customers to order from us. Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff make it easy to get the order you need, when you need it. 

We have a reliable planned delivery service on regular routes to most parts of the country by our contracted professional and efficient hauliers. We manufacturer, palletise and deliver orders with an OTIF record of 98.5%.

We are committed to offering our customers a reliable, flexible and efficient service, combined with the facility to offer a wide range of board grade and flute profiles. 

Whether you are based in the south of England, north of Scotland, Northern Ireland or anywhere in-between, we work will work with your business to ensure you have the stock levels you need, to maintain efficient supply chains.

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