Save With M-Flute


Did you know that M-flute is a great product and is suitable for customers looking to cut costs and save warehouse space, while enhancing their environmental commitments? In 2011, Logson Group launched the new lighter weight board grades that can replace B-flute.

The ‘M-Flute’ board grade are both aimed at retail-ready packaging (RRP) and are designed to improve supply chain efficiencies by reducing the amount of warehouse space and pallets required to store and distribute board.

Both M-flute and Performance Grade are also being promoted as offering a better print surface as the flute tips are closer together than for B-flute, which is commonly used in RRP.

Logson’s M-flute has been developed by its Board24 sheet feeding arm and, according to the company, offers up to a 36% saving on pallet space and around 30% more sheet board on a full lorry load.