Our staff profile this month features Sam Blake, a hardworking and welcoming individual. Sam has been with the company for nearly 1 year, working as a Planner.

Sam’s primary objective is to plan and deliver day to day production to ensure that schedules are in place well in advance to support business productivity goals and achieve customer’s needs. Key responsibilities consist of ensuring customer expectations are met, manufacturing capacities are maximised and waste, both process and product are kept to a minimum.

Sam particularly enjoys collaborating between all departments across the 3 sites at Board24. His role depends on effectively communicating with people in different roles and he finds it’s enjoyable to speak with and learn the roles of his colleagues that create the product from start to finish.

When he is not busy planning, Sam spends a lot of his spare time with his girlfriend and 18-month-old son. They tend to visit family a lot as their son was born a few weeks before the first lockdown, so they are making up for lost time. Additionally, Sam is a huge Leicester city fan and takes every opportunity go to watch the matches. Sam adds “I’m a big fan of a city break and most recently visited Barcelona, Venice, and Budapest”. Undoubtedly, Sam will continue his city breaks now that restrictions ease.

Sam mentioned a very interesting fact. He was in the crowd when Leicester beat Southampton 9-0 away – becoming the record holders for the biggest ever English topflight away win. A day he won’t ever forget!

Finally, when asked to describe the company using only 3 words, Sam replied, “Collaborative, engaging and rewarding”. Our employees know us as a company that strives to put our people, our customers, and the environment at the centre of everything we do.  

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