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Supply Chain Considerations


To help establish the required Box Compression Strength of a case, there are a number of questions to answer which can assist with calculating an appropriate board grade;

  • Weight of case once full?
  • Case size?
  • Number of layers per pallet?
  • Are the pallets double stacked?
  • Number of cases per layer?
  • Are the cases stored in ambient conditions or a freezer?
  • How long are the cases stored for?
  • How long can the cases be travelling for?
  • Number of print colours?
  • Does the product inside the case offer any support?

Some of the above points assist the calculation of the case performance and others help establish the safety factor, which attempts to appreciate climatic and environmental effects within the supply chain.

A full list of questions to determine theoretically performing board grade can be obtained by contacting Board24 on 01530 510022.

Click here to download our Lab Series information sheet to find out more about Supply Chain Considerations


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