Meet the Team – Laura Stanaway


Laura Stanaway joined the Board24 team in 2021 and since then has successfully completed her first apprenticeship with the business.

Showing her aptitude and appetite for learning, Laura recently embarked upon a second apprenticeship to develop her skills in Data Analysis which will allow her to undertake more analysis-based tasks in her role to facilitate this important aspect of day-to-day operations at Board24.

Laura commented; “The experience I’ve gained working in a real business has been the biggest benefit. During my first apprenticeship I learned a lot about the business including how it is structured and about other departments, as well as learning about my own department in depth.

“The apprenticeship made sure my learning was structured and that I had gained all the knowledge and skills I need to do my current role. It also gave me the opportunity to do a range of tasks which were required to meet the criteria of the apprenticeship, but this also helped my development and knowledge of commercial elements of the business.”

Laura currently undertakes lessons every other week where she will learn to use many programs and tools to help with different kinds of analysis.  She will also learn skills to solve problems and gain insights through data and take on data-based projects that will benefit the business.

“I would recommend apprenticeships because the experience you gain is invaluable and learning hands-on is effective as you can apply your knowledge in a real business setting straight away,” said Laura. “It’s motivating to see the difference your new skills make to your work as you progress, and the team at Board24 are always very encouraging and supportive.”

Laura is one of several apprentices at Board24 currently who are undertaking courses across a variety of job roles and departments.

Judith Chadwick, Head of HR commented; “Laura is a great asset to our team and is developing her skills in a whole new area of the business.

“We believe apprenticeships bring many benefits for both our team members and the business and it’s great to see the team of the future learning skills and developing their careers with us.”

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