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Staff Profile – Adam Rennocks


This month’s Staff Profile features Adam Rennocks, our Business Analyst who works at the Coalville site. Board24 was the first company that Adam worked for and 13 years later he’s still going strong.

Adam started off in the finance department for his first role here and has moved around a lot in the last 13 years, learning plenty about the different departments within the company. He got stuck into every job role, learning on the job, which gives him the well-rounded knowledge that he has today to do his job to the best of his ability. Adam has recently completed a project management course and is also progressing towards a professional qualification as a management accountant. This will ultimately benefit the business as his knowledge and skillset grows, which he hopes to harness to help further his career with Board24.

Since he became a Business Analyst in May 2019, every day has been different for him. Adam is at the forefront of helping to ease the business into an ever-growing digital and automated world. His current projects are focused on increasing efficiencies by providing systems that automate manual and repetitive tasks. Something that he has always strived for while working at Board24 and the business is already receiving the benefits of many of the systems he has implemented, and though not directly aware of it Board24 customers too will already be enjoying the benefits of these.

Adam’s largest project is focused on is the electronic data interchange (EDI). Particularly processing case orders through our EDI channels. Although available for sheet board orders for many years. The aim of Adam’s project is to deliver a system that enables Board24 to take all manner of order types, map them into a machine recognisable format and then input the data to produce an order within our system. All without any user intervention. Board24 are currently working with a select few customers and suppliers in order to build the foundations, but as they seek to enhance this system, they hope to be able to roll this out to many more customers.

An expansion in the amount of orders transferring into the systems via EDI, will allow freeing up of valuable time that can then be used to provide even better levels of service. Adam is enjoying this current project and how it will further progress the business.

Adam tells us about his favourite parts of working at Board24: “I love that I’ve managed to get into a role that presents frequent challenges. Previously these were few and far between and I became too efficient at what I was doing. I’ve always tried to improve the roles I’ve been in, so that the manual repetitive work was kept to a minimum. The success I’ve had in doing this essentially has put me in the position I am in now, which is doing the same but for people other than myself. I also really enjoy the office atmosphere and the people I get to work with every day.”

In his spare time Adam is a keen motorcyclist and enjoys riding out when the weather is right. Him and a few colleagues from the office enjoy an annual day trip out riding together in the summer which Adam always looks forward to.

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