5 Reasons Corrugated Packaging is so Popular


For many years manufacturers have been aware of the benefit associated with corrugated packaging, and now due to increased environmental awareness, consumers are also turning to corrugated packaging as their preferred packaging material. Now over half of all goods sold in the US and EU are stored in corrugated packaging.

1 – Superiority

Corrugated boxes are one of the strongest materials you can use to protect your products. Generally, some products can be in transit for a long time, and often goods are sold internationally, so not only does your packaging need to be strong but also needs to provide protection for a longer period of time. Corrugated packaging can also withstand environmental challenges making it all together the more superior product.


2 – Easy and Better Quality Printing

Corrugated packaging can very easily be printed on. If you need to provide opening directions on the packaging, print a logo, name the product or print vital information on the packaging for your customers, then printing on your boxes is the smart choice. Corrugated packaging companies have better printing capabilities than ever; making sure you can create brand awareness and market your product easily. Bespoke printing your packaging could assist throughout the supply chain and improve sales of  your product.


3 – It’s Green

As we become more environmentally aware and looking towards more environmentally friendly solutions. Most companies are aware that corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable helping it become the preferred choice for shipping and branding goods. You can also reuse corrugated boxes rather than recycling them straight away which then cuts down on the energy and materials needed to make more corrugated packaging.


4 – Easily Customised

Customisation of corrugated packaging presents the material as a highly logical and attractive option. Packaging has the ability to stand out and influence the purchasing decision. With the potential for different colours, images, brand awareness, perforations and designs to be used. Companies are also able to cut down on waste due to corrugated manufacturers being able to provide packaging in many different shapes and sizes to better fit a particular product. Ultimately assisting and delivering sales of their product.


5 – Increased Value

Corrugated packaging is one of the best functioning packaging materials available. Achieving a functional, protective weight, in a cost effective packaging medium, provides a significant opportunity for maximising value from the transit packaging. Right weighting is a typical term for this approach.


It is clear to see from the above information that overall, corrugated packaging is the perfect choice when it comes to packaging. It is the stronger, lighter, customisable, cost effective and more environmentally friendly choice. If you are leaning towards corrugated packaging, check out our Cases24 calculator for a quote.