Board24’s Wellbeing Group Aspirations


In response to the escalating mental health crisis, Board24’s Wellbeing Group was launched in early 2020. The group’s overall aim is to improve their employee’s physical health, physical safety, and mental health and wellbeing. Back in March 2020, the group carried out an employee survey. This helped identify 2 key areas for improvement: communication and recognition.

Subsequently, they have put in place an Employee Assistance Programme, Cycle to Work scheme, and organised events like Suicide Awareness Day and a Wear Yellow Day for cystic fibrosis. To further help improve employee engagement, the group plan to organise events throughout the year to show that Board24 are taking mental health seriously and to help open a dialogue around an often-stigmatised matter.

The Wellbeing members across all 3 sites aim to ‘make Board24 a happier place’ stated by Jonathan Monkhouse, Preston’s wellbeing member – to bring all departments together because everyone deserves to have good mental health.

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