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Single and Double Wall boxes – what is the difference?


If you are new to corrugated packaging, you may have heard the terms single and double wall boxes. But what is the difference, and what impact will it have on your packaging solutions?

Single wall solutions

Single wall boxes and packaging is constructed from three layers of paper; an inner liner, an outer liner, and a corrugated flute in the middle of the two. It is a lightweight solution that is ideal for products that are despatched through the postal system, and which are not fragile in any way. Whilst single wall is typically a less robust type of corrugated material, the fluting that is in the middle of the ‘sandwich’ does have an impact on strength and durability. Fluting calliper determines the thickness of the material, and in combination with paper weights, determine the performance of the board. A range of single wall materials are available in E, B, and C flute, with other speciality flutes also on offer.

Double wall, added strength

By comparison, double wall boxes offer much more strength. This is made from five layers; an outer liner, inner liner, and a centre liner separating two corrugated flutes. This board type is generally better suited to heavier weight products and those that are high value or delicate, as if offers greater shock absorbing properties. Once again, the type of fluting specified can impact on the strength of the board and the way in which the board is used and the design that is created will deliver added strength and benefits depending upon the product and the solution that we propose.
Double wall can be made up of several different combinations of flutings. Wider flutes like B and C add greater protection, whereas narrower flutes like E, provide a base for higher quality print.

Bespoke and benefits

Fluting types, and the paper that is used for internal and external layers (test is generally used for internal layers and kraft for outer layers as it provides a good surface for printing) also impacts on the performance of the board. The different layers and fluting determine the ‘board grade’ and this is evident when speaking of single, double, or triple wall material. These materials can be utilised to create your bespoke packaging solutions, whether it is a simple postal sleeve for ecommerce, high volume boxes for despatching goods through the supply chain, or a robust point of sale solution we can utilise the wide range of board grades to create bespoke solutions that protect product, protect brand and deliver a sustainable packaging solution that is fit for the consumer and environmental requirements of the twenty first century.

Manufacturing choices

With so many choices available there is a solution to suit pretty much any type of product and the way that product is required to be packaged, from transit boxes through the global supply chain to shelf and retail ready packaging and display units and luxury packaging.

Our expertise will ensure the right material is selected, that a material efficient design is created and that eye-catching, on brand print designs are made where required.

The true beauty of corrugated, apart from its sustainability credentials, is the flexibility it provides and our teams across the UK have years of experience to ensure the best solution is specified for each customer.

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