W & R Barnett Charity Dragon Boat Race


W & R Barnett are celebrating their 125th anniversary on the 15th of September 2021.

To honor the occasion, W & R Barnett have organised a charity Dragon Boat Race, in Belfast against other teams from the W & R Barnett Group.

As part of the W & R Barnett group, Board24 and Cases24 will be represented by 12 individuals across the 3 sites. The team will travel to Belfast to race against other divisions in the group.

The winning team of the Dragon Boat Race will receive a 5 times funding match from W & R Barnett Charity Scheme for their chosen charity.

Board24 and Cases24 are racing for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, chosen by an employee vote. With a donation target of £10,000, with the potential to be with the potential to be quintupled to £50,000 through the Charity Match Scheme.

If you would like to help Board24 & Cases24 reach their target, please visit our JustGiving Page below to donate: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Board24-dragonboatrace

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