Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products. Paper is made from wood, a natural and renewable material. As young trees grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. As a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime

The paper industry has several respected certification schemes ensuring the paper you use has come from a sustainable forest source. One of the most recognisable certifications is the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) 

Why should you use FSC® certified products?

FSC ® is an international non-profit organisation established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC logo is assurance that a product is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified well managed forests or from post-consumer waste.

FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic sustainability.

At Board24, we supply recyclable and sustainable solutions for your corrugated cardboard and packaging needs. Our corrugated board is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and made from 90% recycled or recovered paper. Our kraftliner is from well managed softwood forests that are certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®.

We remain committed to delivering high quality products through an environmentally friendly approach.


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